Triple Toe Straightener

Total Foot Recovery Cream with Shea Butter, 4 oz.

Our best-selling Podiatrist’s Secret Total Foot Recovery cream: with Shea Butter. Many people desire the added moisturizers of Shea’s naturally rich emollience. Shea Butter, made from the nut of the West African Shea-Karite tree, has been used for centuries to protect and repair skin from harsh weather. The butter contains an Alpha Hydroxy fruit acid, combined with deep-penetrating Urethin (the ingredient recommended by podiatrists). Urethin helps break down hardened, callused skin and eliminate cracks and fissures. Regular use enhances the skin’s natural renewal process, speeding exfoliation of itchy, overdry skin. Feet will become noticeably softer and silky smooth. Click here for list of for more info

Treat your lips indeed! Protect tender skin from dry, harsh conditions – hot or cold – as well as prevent cracking of the lips. Contains benefit-rich ingredients like white tea (retains the highest level of anti-oxidants), Shea butter (moisturizes and protects the lips), tea tree oil (preventative against environmental elements) and Vitamin E (promotes healthy tissue). In addition to moisturizing, the natural plant extracts help stimulate cell regeneration. Rolls on and absorbs easily. Doesn’t cake like waxy lip balms. Can be worn over lipstick for a glossy for more info

Place this therapeutically designed leg cushion under knees or ankles to help elevate your lower extremities and increase circulation. By gently raising the legs, you also reduce pressure applied to back. This is an excellent aid for those who suffer from any lower body circulatory issue such as varicose veins, cold legs and feet and even lower back pain. Can be used on the sofa or in bed. Works on a single AAA battery (not included) Removable cover is machine for more info

TriDerma MD Intense Healing Cream, 4 oz.

Use even on sensitive skin to treat a variety of hard-to-heal conditions, including dry, cracked skin. AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, one of the most rare and powerful species of Aloe, helps restore skin to health. Use for eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and dry cracked skin. Non-greasy, for more info

With our triple Toe Straightener, you can align overlapping, crooked or hammertoes with gentle, constant pressure. Adjustable, cotton-covered elastic loop holds toes securely in place, while a soft foam pad molds itself to the bottom of your foot. Wear with any shoe, anywhere. Order by left or right foot above. Caution: Not recommended for those with for more info

Pain sufferers report dramatic improvement just minutes after using the orthopedic traction of True Back . Your spine floats in the center channel while your back is passively stretched. Thirty suspension points support your body weight and create pressure to the muscles located on each side of the spine. Muscles relax, which increases blood flow and reduces muscle spasms. True Back helps relieve pain associated with cramps, sciatica, headaches, back pains, tensions and spasms. If you are under a Doctor”s care for your back, please consult prior to for more info

Tuli”s Gel Heel with Arch Supports, Pair

Tuli”s Gel Heel with Arch Support is a lightweight, cobra-shaped, polymer gel insert that fits easily into virtually any shoe. Its” patented waffle design duplicates nature”s own shock absorbing system, giving your arch additional support. Your feet also remain cooler and drier due to bacterial and fungal growth inhibitors that promote healthy feet. Many say this is the best fitting, most comfortable foot support on the market today. Order by women”s/ men”s shoe size for more info

Tuli”s Heavy Duty Heel Cups, Pair

The patented waffle design of Tuli’s Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups simulates the fat pads on the bottom of your heels – nature’s own shock-absorbing system. The clear polymer gel self-adjusts to fit your unique foot contour, absorbing the painful foot shock that aggravates heel pain and heel spurs. Heavy Duty Heel Cups are ideal for athletic or work shoes. Order by body weight for more info

The patented waffle design of Tuli’s Standard Gel Heel Cups simulates the fat pads on the bottom of your heels – nature’s own shock-absorbing system. The clear polymer gel self-adjusts to fit your unique foot contour, absorbing the painful foot shock that aggravates heel pain and heel spurs. Standard Heel Cups are ideal for dress or casual shoes. Order by body weight for more info

Swiss-made precision tweezers provide the best grip of any we’ve seen. Stainless steel body with angled polymer tips. The thin end lets you get close to the root without pinching or for more info

Ultra Vein-Gard Leg Therapy Cream, 2.25 oz., Each

Regular applications of all-natural Ultra Vein-Gard helps improve the discolored appearance of varicose and spider veins. Contains horse chestnut seed extract and other homeopathic ingredients; no synthetic drugs or side effects. Click here for list of for more info

When limited mobility or arthritis threatens to slow you down, UpEasy Lift cushion will keep you moving on your own. No more “rocking” out of your seat. Self-powered UpEasy lift cushion uses hydraulic pressure to lift up to 80% of your weight. Available in 2 different weight capacities: regular for 95 lb.-220 lb. and large for 200 lb.-340 lb. Order by your weight for more info

The X-FActor Knee Brace incorporates an infrapatellar buttress, positioned below the kneecap, to provide overall knee joint stability and support. The wraparound, tapered design stays comfortably and securely in place, and the outer neoprene layer with hook & loop closure allows you to adjust the compression level to fit your needs. An open area behind the knee enhances comfort. Dual spiral stays offer additional stability by providing rigid, outside support. Caution: Not recommended for use while for more info

Developed by Bauerfeind, a world leader in orthopedics, Zeuba supports combine controlled compression with active massage to stabilize and reinforce problem-prone ankles. The elastic knit construction permits unrestricted range of movement while allowing skin to remain cool and dry. Zeuba ankle support protects you from ankle sprains, strains and instability. The reinforcing elastic strap with figure-eight design provides extra stabilization and a firm footing. This comfort knit wrap eliminates pressure on the ankle bone and the silicone banding along the top provides a grip to keep the wrap securely in place. Slim lightweight design fits into most any shoe. Count on excellent support for medium to high activity. Measure very loose circumference at the narrowest point of the ankle. Order by left or right ankle measurements for more info

Support your knee without struggling to pull on a brace. Just place the bandage around the lower part of the leg and zip it up to secure in place. To remove, just unzip – no more difficulty in pulling down the bandage. Comfortable microfiber material provides strong dual tension. A silicone buttress supports the patella and holds it in place. Determine size by measuring the knee around the kneecap. Order by size above. Caution: Contains for more info

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