My toy poodle won’t eat dog food, what can I do?

My toy poodle won’t eat dog food, what can I do?

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My toy poodle won’t eat dog food, what can I do?

My toy poodle won;t eat dog food his diet consists of 1 apple a day, treats, corn, carrots, cherrios and that is all he will eat. I am worried that he is not getting all the nutrition he needs or is he?

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That sucks. Doesn’t sound very appitizing to a dog. Ask your vet what they suggest.

geez keep feedin him that and he will die early. just dont feed him the garbage food and let him starve until he decides to eat the dog food—trust me at some point he will

feed him what you eat when you eat.

Poodles are stuck up snob dogs. What’d ya expect?

try wet and dry foods. ask a vet for advice. try mixing food with dog food. good luck. he thinks he is a people instead of a poodle lol.

mix it with dog gravy at the store if that doesnt work try the vets it could just be the brand off food not every one likes the same thing thaat goes for dogs to lol and dont feed it human foods some dogs are alergic and it messes up there heart you dont want a vet bill the size of texas

No your toy is not getting good nutrician. You can feed him table food but it has to be no additives and only certain foods. Get a diet from your vet

well if he is a little puppy than he may not be able to eat that stuff yet. try feeding him like those canned foods.

give it real dog food and wait, when it gets hungry enough it will eat. It obviously has you trained well.

First of all. . eventually if he gets hungry enough, he will eat regular dog food. Ypu need to talk to your vet about the other stuff you’re feeding him though.

He needs to eat real dog food. You have been giving him “table” food which will lead to worms and other internal parisites.

If he doesn’t like dry dog food, get the small bags or cans of wet dog food and stop feeding him treats and other food because it isn’t healthy. Put the food in the bowl and if he doesn’t eat it, don’t give him anymore food or any different food, when he gets hungry he will eat.

Even if he doesn’t eat as long as he’s drinking water he will be fine until he learns that he has to eat what you give him

Mix a little wet dog food with dry food, Dogs can’t refuse the wet food. Then slowly add less wet food and more dry food. I worked for my Doxie mix.

An undisciplined dog is the sign of a weak-minded master.

i had a similar prob with my dog n they helped me find a good brand of dog food that he eats some times but my dog is apparently a vegataraian so we mostly buy him ppl food like carrots n celery n sweet peas sounds wierd i kno but he loves it! gud luck! keep us updated on ur pooch!

Stop feeding him your food. Give him a bowl of dry dog food, science diet, and nothing else. Give him 20 minutes to eat, if he does not then take the bowl away and again don’t give him anything else to eat. Same routine the next day. By the third day he will be happy to see that bowl and gladly eat it.

I have owned a dog in the past, and own one now, and I never give mine a whole apple. I may give him bites of one when I eat one, but that is all. My dog is very picky as well when he eats. If I vary it from time to time he gets excited about what he eats. He looooves the new Beneficial moist food now. Kind of expensive, but you can get 2 meals out of one of the “bowls”. I find if I mix it up every now and then between the beneficial and Mighty Dog (my dog only eats moist food), then he will be excited about eating. I only feed Peanut (my Shih Tzu) 2 times a day, and only give him treats after we go on our walks. Hope this helps!

Well someone had to have started him eating that way. First you should look in the mirror. Next remember you are the adult and that you control the situation, because right now it sounds like you are being controlled by your dog. He will eat dog food when he gets hungry.

try wet dog food first for a week, then mix wet with dry, then start taking the wet out more and more until he is weined to dry food. try the little kibble that is for little dogs.

if that doesnt work mix water in with his kibble and see if he’ll take that. but STOP giving himn treats and other food because then he will want that and not eat anything else. after a few months of him eating his kibble, then you can start giving him treats, corn carrots and whatever else (but in moderation)

I hate to put it this way, but your dog is spoiled. Remove the things listed from his diet and make the only food option available to him dog food. It sounds kind of mean to put it this way, but once he is hungry enough and realizes that he is no longer getting any of his favorites, he will eat the dog food. You essentially need to re-train your dog to eat dog food again.

Needs hard learning (I know you must hate that, but that is what it needs. )

Leave him with no food, till he starts enjoying “dog-food” and for your own good try not to feed the dog while you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner again.

That is what makes dogs get apart from their food. . .

i love animals and my dog did the same thing. if you just put the food in front of them your dog will some time get hungry and want to eat so if i was you i wouldnt feed your dog table food just let him or her not starve but go without eating your food and he she will eat on its own dont worry it is normal for them to do that. . .

Actually, that diet is very nutritious except for one very, very important thing: Protein.

Will he eat chicken, or turkey, or fish? Possibly add in some of these to make sure he’s getting protein, and then you’re fine.

If this is a matter of inconvenience and you need to get him to eat dog food because his diet is inconvenient, then you will need to train him to eat dog food. This can be difficult, and you should probably do some book research, or possibly take him to a professional for that.

He/she certainly has you trained. Out wait the poodle. Put the dog food down and walk away. Ignore pleas for other food. After an hour remove the food and that’s it for that day. Keep doing that every day. Trust me. . . when that poodle gets hungry enough, the dog food will be eaten. You can win this battle. . . just don’t give in even if it takes 4 or 5 days. Provide water at all times. No treats at all until the dog food is eaten.

just give him cat food, all of the dogs i’ve ever had eat all of their food, and the cat’s food too, when they can find it

you should try putting a little soft food mixed in with his hard food and see if he likes that. he definatley isnt getting the nutrition he needs, if he keeps refusing any dog food you should bring him to the vet and see what they recommend. if all you give your dog is people food then thats all he’ll ever expect and thats not good you might as well bring him to mcdonalds to eat. good luck

He’s a dog. When he gets hungry, he’ll heat his dog food. The “human” food you are giving him cannot be good for his health or digestion. Make sure his water bowl is full all the time, and put only dog food in his food bowl. Do not waver. You have trained him wrong, now you must train him right.

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The fruits and veggies are good . Try some boiled chicken and rice to go with it. You may have to cut back on the treats to entice her to eat as the treats are flavor enhanced.

get some cat food in a can it might eat it after a couple of days but don’t give it nothing else to eat; sounds like its spoiled. You can also try hamburger crumbled up and mix cottage cheese in there that will get it appetite going, but don’t give it no more human food; your killing it if you do.

well i guess you could go to a pet store and ask for an apatite stimulant and mix it warm water with some dog food. or just get sample foods till you find one he likes if nothing works ask you vet

The best way to adjust a dog’s diet is slowly. You can’t take him straight off the human food right away, or he can develop digestive problems. Try mixing the food you currently give him with dog food (wet food might be best to start because it will be harder for him to pick and choose. ) Start slowly, a quarter of his meal should be dog food, the rest human food. After about a week, switch it half and half. The next week, three quarters dog food, one quarter human food. By the next week, he should be eating all dog food.

If you don’t want him eating wet dog food, you can still switch him from human food to wet dog food. Then, once he’s gotten used to wet dog food, you can use the same method to transfer him to human food.

If worse comes to worst and he won’t accept the transition, you can do the never fail method: refuse to give him any food other than dog food. Make him quit the human food cold turkey. It’s not as healthy for him, but it will work. To make it easier on him (and to reward him for eating dog food), you can give him a small treat every time he eats a full meal of dog food. Slowly phase out the treat until eating dog food becomes commonplace for him.

Make sure you are offerin your dog a high qualify food, such as Science Diet. Don’t expect him to eat the large chunks, either, buy the small chunks. Try mixing in a bit of wet food to get his sniffer going. If that doesn’t work, take him to your vet.

wah. . . so many fibre in his diet. . . . won’t his stools be too soft?maybe u can try smaller pack of different brands dog food. stop those treats. and he will eat the food when he is hungry. don’t let him go picky on food. cheers !

If your toy refuses dry dog foods even after having tried such ones as Beneful (I highly recommend the Salmon. . . my Jack Russell is an extremely finicky eater and would touch absolutely no dry dog food at all. This one she loves and cleans her bowl every day now), first I recommend seeing your vet. You can further try one of the following which will provide the nutrients necessary. Also, you could try a very small amount of dry food slathered with something he loves. At first he might pick everything out, but eventually he’ll grow tired of it and begin to eat everything. Slow and small portioned and he should be on his way eventually.

* Commercially prepared special diets prescribed by your veterinarian.

* Chicken giblets hearts and/or livers sauteed in a little olive oil with a clove or two of garlic. Chop finely.

* Broiled chicken. Shred into tiny pieces.

* Very thinly sliced steak microwaved for 3-4 seconds. Shred into strips.

Further, use the dry dog food as the “treats” sometimes they will eat foods from your hand that they won’t eat from their bowl. If you have tricks that you work him through. . . try the dog food for the reward and see what happens. It may very well be the way the food is being fed and he’s one that needs that bit more attention. . . or the brand.

Mix a little dog food in with what he will eat and dont feed him again until he finishes this meal. Gradually use a little more dog food each day,and a little less of what you were feeding it,until your pet is now completely eating just dog food. (You might have to try a few different types of dog food until you find one your dog will like),but the end result will be a healthier pet.

I had a toy poodle growing up. He never ate any kind of dog food or treat. We gave him boiled chicken or ground meat with rice or sometimes eggs. It would also be beneficial to use a liquid vitamin supplement.

(ceasar,my poodle, lived until he was 16)

My grandfather had a small dog (chuwawa) who didn’t eat dog food he cooked chicken gizards everyday for the dog and the dog lived to be 17 years old

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