Calculate Physical FitnessThe ideal weight of

Calculate Physical FitnessThe ideal weight of

Calculate Physical Fitness

The ideal weight of a person is calculated using mathematical formulas that were developed after years of studies involving thousands of subjects. These formulas bother to calculate physical fitness levels and the ideal weight, true to say that not always coincided with the weight.

In order to calculate physical fitness levels, you can find special tables on the internet that will make your job easier, or you can go to a nutritionist. The latter can be defined as a weight capable of giving the most pleasant feeling of physical well-being and fullness of life, and that presumably there is a lower risk of morbidity and mortality in weight-related disorders (mainly hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus type II, but also diseases related to excessive thinness and were emaciated).


Inserting in the space of sex, age and height can instantly calculate your ideal weight theory.

Achieve and maintain an acceptable weight means more than ever, protecting his body from numerous diseases related to welfare (cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes and other minor illnesses). The risk of developing these diseases is directly proportional to the difference between its weight and the ideal.

Move far from ideal weight can have serious repercussions in terms of psychological (personality disorder, low self-esteem, social isolation, etc.), Further decreasing the quality of life.

Weight management and sports

If plans "height / weight" we have brought a heightened significance in the medical and social same cannot be said for the sport. For some athletes (wrestlers, body builders, sumo wrestlers) as the weight is far greater than the theoretical while others (dancers, cyclists, marathon runners) is fundamental to fall below the standard values.


Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Some details:

In practical terms it is better to aim at a weight category in which fall rather than a precise value. Variations of 1-2 kg are in fact quite common (may be caused by dehydration / fluid retention, glycogen depletion / saturation stocks carbohydrate). The real challenge for many people is not so much to reach your weight loss as to maintain it.

If an individual has a strong bone structure and power sports practice applying the formulas height / weight could be out of shape without this being due to excess body fat. Nature has provided that, there are different body types:

-Brevilinea (big boned or heavy)

-Normolinea (frame average)

-Slender (small bone or soft)

To discover what kind belong morphological measure the circumference of your right wrist (in centimeters) at the base of the hand, apply the following formula and compare with the data reported in tables you can find on the internet.

If you fit into the category of long-limbed form previously calculated the weight is too high (reduce by 5%), but if it fall into the category of weight brevilinea the ideal form is higher than suggested by our computer automatically (increase of 5%).

How many calories?

To achieve and maintain weight control form is very important to monitor caloric intake. To do this you must first calculate the daily calorie needs based on the type of work, age and level of physical activity.