Why Men Are More Prone To Baldness than Women

Why Men Are More Prone To Baldness than Women

Men and women are both creatures of the same kind. They are known to respond to stimuli in similar manners, and have similar patterns of existence. However, being of two separate sexes, they are most likely to also respond differently in different situations. Differing factors cause them to respond in diverse ways as well and similar factors may cause response in each sex that is very different.

For instance, if we have to take one’s age factor into consideration, you would see that men and women respond differently. This is because, physiologically, there are particular mechanisms in them that differ, making one more prone than the other. This refers to their hormonal balances.

Testosterone Level in Men is one of the Main Causes of Baldness
In men, there is a much higher level of testosterone than in women. It is for this reason that their behaviors differ in younger days. When they grow older, the levels of this hormone in each individual changes, thereby causing changes.

In men, the high level of testosterone makes them more prone to developing ‘male-patterned baldness’. This is something that women are not that prone to simply because of the fact that their level of testosterone is much lower.

Now let us go a little deeper than simply making testosterone the cause of male-patterned baldness. This is because testosterone cannot directly be blamed.

The main cause of male- patterned baldness is an enzyme known as ‘5 alpha-reductase’.
It transforms testosterone into a chemical known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the chemical that actually causes hair loss in men as they grow older.
Lesser Chances of Old Age Hair Loss in Women
In contrast to this, women have a lower level of testosterone. Thus, they have fewer chances of developing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which means that they stand fewer chances of losing hair as they grow older. This automatically means that women are less likely to lose hair than men.

Based on the mechanism that is responsible that causes baldness in men, particular medicines have been developed. Indeed, the race is on to develop more and more effective remedies to combat male-patterned baldness. Each of the current ones is quite effective, but they are also known to have side effects on the users.

Solutions to problems for male baldness are being worked out. However, we can still assert that combating hair loss in men is still in its infancy and it may be some time before one proper remedy is uncovered for combating male-patterned baldness.

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