Mantra Meditation – Best Before Or After Yoga?

Mantra Meditation – Best Before Or After Yoga?

Often the natural question is asked, “when should I do my mantra meditation practice – before or after my yoga practice? We all want to do our practices in such a way to make the best possible use of our practices and energies so what is best to do?

There are two schools of thought to this question.

The first school of though believes that mantra meditation is best done before a yoga practice. There are many reasons for this. There is the gradual change of energy from subtle to physical. You gentle prepare the body for a physical asana meditation.

The body is better prepared to start asana practice after the mind has already been stilled by the mantra meditation practice.

The second school pretty much believes in the total reverse. That mantra meditation practice is best done after the asana practice. The reverse theory here applies.

The second school believes that the mind and body are better prepared for a mantra practice after an asana practice. They work on going from physical to more subtle forms of energy. After the asana practice has been worked through the body, the mind is calmer and concentrated and thus is better prepared for mantra meditation.

So which is correct and which school of thought should you follow?

I believe it is best for the individual to decide. A good decision can be made after you have tried out both versions.

Observe the effects immediately afterwards, the effects on each practice and how your energy is maintained throughout the day. See what effects both practices have on you.

Maybe it is that each version with produce a different effect and so has a different purpose. When you know what that effect is, you can do the practice that you need in order to extract that effect.

Get experimental with your yoga and mantra meditation practices to find out what works best for you to obtain the maximum results from your mantra meditation practice.