Book A Dinner with Saladmaster Today

Book A Dinner with Saladmaster Today

Saladmaster is a health and nutrition company that helps people enjoy a healthier lifestyle….to look better, feel better, and live longer by eliminating grease, fats and oils from your diet and maximizing the nutrition in the meals we cook. We also help you cut your kitchen time in HALf… save at least 25% on your food bill…PLUS save 70% on cooking fuel! We are about avoiding, preventing & reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, digestive problems and lots more.

Our products are not sold in stores & on the internet. The company figured out years ago that what you are about to see cannot be imagined without an evidence based presentation which you are about to see. The reason being that this cookware can''t talk and tell you what it can do that regular cookware can''t do. What you will see is the latest in cooking technology merged with the latest cooking methods which help prevent & avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, cancer & other illnesses.

A Cooking School in your Kitchen with Saladmaster!
Invite Saladmaster into your home for a great tasting, low calorie, heart healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family... Best of all IT’S AT NO COST TO YOU!

What is in the menu?
Delicious golden fried chicken prepared with no skin or added oil
Colorful vegetable medley cooked without any added water
Mashed potatoes
Fresh health salad
World-Famous veggie cake

Saladmaster Will

  1. Prepare a complete healthy and nutritional meal for you and your family
  2. Furnish all the food
  3. Arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up
  4. Clean up after ourselves

Our Only Requirements

  1. Enjoy the meal and fill out a short questionnaire on how you liked the food and how it was prepared
  2. Furnish plates, utensils and a nonalcoholic beverage of your choice

Question: Why would you give away a meal? What’s the catch?
Answer: For advertising purposes, so the next time you think about cooking products or classes you will think about Saladmaster.

Question: May I invite another couple to my dinner?
Answer: Yes, up to 3 other couples. As a matter of fact, Saladmaster rewards you with a valuable gift for allowing us to share our promotional dinner with more people.

Question: Do we have to buy anything?
Answer: Absolutely not!

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