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12 Year Old Tean Girl Pregnant - Pregnancy Health

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am just posting a couple clips from the article as the board would not let me post it in its entirety.

The girl fell pregnant aged 11 after having sex with a 15-year-old on a drunken night out with friends in Edinburgh last August. He has been charged with statutory rape.

The girl today told a national newspaper how she was “really excited” to be having a baby. Her mother said she was “proud” of her daughter.

In an interview with The Scottish Sun, the girl, who smokes up to 20 roll-up cigarettes a day and started drinking aged ten, said she hoped the baby would be a boy.

She said: “I am really excited and looking forward to being a mum. I can’t wait to take the baby swimming and out for walks in the pram.

The girl told how she feared she might be pregnant after having unprotected sex with the boy after a drunken night out with friends in Edinburgh last August. “We didn’t use a condom but I didn’t think about getting pregnant. I wasn’t bothered at the time,” she continued. “He knew it was my first time and I was nervous so he asked if I was all right.

“I slept with him because I was drunk and because I wanted to. I don’t regret it, because if I had not had sex with him I wouldn’t have had my baby.”

The West Lothian girl’s mother, who has not been named, told the newspaper: “She’s grown up a lot in the last few months and her pregnancy has brought us closer together. At first I wasn’t too happy about becoming a gran but now I’m used to the idea I’m really looking forward to having another girl around the house.

“My daughter is already like a mum to her little brothers, so she knows how hard this is going to be. I know she’ll give motherhood a good try – and she knows I’ll be here for her if she needs help.

“We had a big argument and I ended up locking myself in my room and then running away to a friend’s house. It was really hard, but it has brought me and my mum closer together, which is good. “At the weekend, mum and I are going shopping to get stuff for the baby.

She said she began smoking when she was nine years old and started drinking just a year later.

She said: “I can give up smoking at any time, but I don’t find it affects my pregnancy. I also don’t drink any more.”The eight months pregnant mum-to-be is reported to have quit school following a string of exclusions for fighting with fellow pupils.

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